Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Request Finally Completed

So for a really long time my oldest daughter has been asking me to make her something for her bed (quilt, anything).  Many years ago I made a quilt for her younger sister, but still have not finished hers.

One day, while at the local quilt shop, she spotted the below fabric in a scrap bag.  She said "Mom, you know it would be neat if you would make me a pillowcase with this fabric."  She finally got what she wanted.  I made the pillowcase and gave it to her without any embroidery on it.  She put it on her pillow and it was way too big.  Now I have no idea why it was so big...especially seeing as I have made tons of pillowcases. 

Yesterday, while trying to keep myself busy after Carpal Tunnel surgery, I cut the pink band off and decided to surprise her with some machine embroidery.

Not sure who the fabric designer is.  If anyone knows please advise so that I
can give credit where credit is due.

Lexi Lou Beans is what she was nicknamed when she was a baby.  Above is the front and the back is below.

I have definitely not mastered machine embroidery.  This was fun and exciting though.  It also gave me an excuse to pull out the Palette Software I bought to go with my Babylock machine.

BONUS: She loved it and immediately, and with great pride, put it on her bed.  Now she can say her Mom made her something for her bed.  Once the hand is better I guess I should probably finish the quilt, which will go beautifully with the pillowcase.


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