Completed Quilts

My Aunt asked me to make a quilt for my male cousin, but which quilt pattern should I use...  I finally decided on Cherry House's City Park quilt pattern for it's ability to be very unisex.  I absolutely adore the colors and how modern it looks.  He was so delighted when he received it for his birthday.  In 2012, I plan to make one out of nothing but greens and browns for another cousin.

The next completed quilt was for my youngest daughter.  She originally wanted a pink, black and white quilt, but there just weren't enough different fabrics to choose from.  There are just so many other colors of fabric that look beautiful with pink.  She loves it.  This pattern is called Strip Off by G.E.Designs.

The quilt below was a baby quilt I made from a pattern on Moda Bake Shop.  Not sure who it will be for.  It was just made out of Bliss charm packs I had around the house.

This quilt was made using Central Park by Kate Spain.  The pattern is the Sugar Pop N Change pattern on Moda Bake Shop website.  This was the first quilt I ever quilted by myself.  I have a whole new appreciation for people that quilt their quilts without a long arm.  Don't get me wrong...I'm sure it's not any easier with a long arm...but man was that challenging.


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